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Special Panties Selling Approach

| Used Underwear selling Guide | December 10, 2015

Sometimes there are panties offers that just can’t get going and convert themselves into money. It could be quite annoying to wait for it to happen and they stay uploaded more time than enough. The problem is not in you or your panties looking bad, it’s actually about playing smartly attracting men’s attention.
The price characteristic of panties is key for making the first impression. If the price is too low it’s possible that buyers wouldn’t be fascinated enough and would think that it’s some bad cheap stuff. So put the price higher, it’s better for both, your bank account anDancing For Moneyd attracting buyers’ attention. It’s a long-time formed prejudice that more expensive things are cooler and with higher quality. Use that technique and stop wondering how to enforce your panties offers. Higher prices are at the same time kind of inaccessible and mysterious, they spark desires to posses the item and make buyers wonder what’s so special about them. Moreover, people feel more confident and satisfied buying expensive stuff. So go ahead and spice up those panties offers the right way.
It’s possible that the price could be sometimes too high for a certain buyer. That’s the time when you can negotiate smartly with him. High prices are perfect conversation starter and you can offer some free photos or other services, or just make it a little bit lower, but it’s important also to keep it higher enough in order to maintain the interest. You should be quite confident and decision-maker to succeed with harder techniques like this one. In panties business there’s a lot of room for playing with prices, having in mind the strong appeal they have to men’s mind. They sometimes can’t control their animalistic desires, and would be ready to give more money to have a pair of panties. Understand the tricky male attitude toward spending money on sexual stuff and your profits would be higher. Playing with prices, newer buyers can approach you and explore your offers. Act smart and be flexible while online. That way you can get all the possibilities to offer your panties to a bigger audience, negotiate and take decisions about deals.
Panties selling is at first glance quite an easy hobby but if some tips and tricks are to be included it can become a lot more profitable and fun. Staying active and playing your cards right, you’ll be one of the top users and most earning sellers. Put your mind in action and work to improve your activity and presence. Soon all the buyers will be scrolling down your panties offers and having dirty wishes in their minds about them.

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Why women like selling panties?

| Uncategorized | December 3, 2015

What are the reasons for such kind of hobby to be created? It’s a little bit unusual to come up with the idea of selling your old clothes for sexual purposes. However, everything has its scientific and cultural explanation.
Selling panties means distributing your own private stuff to male audience. It’s about attracting attention and also feeling liked by many men. The fact that other men like your private garments is a big confidence booster and sexually motivator. It’s in female’s nature to desire to captivate attention and impress. That’s why women adorn themselves with so many things like jewellery, colorful clothes, sexy panties and make up. They enjoy to be desired and liked visually, to make themselves a respectful part of society. Selling panties has its big meaning for female character, it is at the same time showing beauty but also a way to be active in the world trading.Sexy woman in underwear undressing
Moreover, giving your panties to different men all over the world is part of a unconscious fantasy to be with a few men at a time. Women are not so modest, they have naughty desires expressed in more unnoticeable ways. The taboo that society had created and banned the possibility to have intimate contacts with a few people has made many fantasies to spark. The panties can pertain to many unknown people who would do various things with them, and that makes women to imagine and crave to be actively involved with someone. All desires are teased and ready to be put in action.
The trading of panties is a quite peculiar affair. It is meaningful in the world of financial but also interpersonal relations. Selling their used panties women kind of dominate men, get in control over them and their wishes. They become the active ones, create offers, define prices and value. It’s a way to set the rules and benefit from being the more powerful one in the case. The use of one of the men’s most desired objects like panties or stockings, makes it easy to be successful in a dominant role. Men would give as much money as they have to buy naughty dirty panties being slaves to their fantasies. It’s an interesting business comprising too sexual themes that it’s impossible to not have consequences. It’s so successful because women are aware of their strength while offering a pair of panties and are ready to bargain for more.
Giving space for interchanging roles between genders and offering a lot of fun for both, dirty wishes for men and financial benefits for ladies, the panties business doesn’t stop to develop. Its dynamics make it grown and makes its participants happy while playing in the world of trades secretly in naughty roles and fantasies.

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How to sell panties faster

| Uncategorized | November 26, 2015

You’ve created tasty descriptions of your panties, have added sexy photos and have updated your profile info. But haven’t you thought of more creative and dirty ways in order to attract the buyers’ attention?
Men adore hearing the sweet feminine voice. According to a psychological research they choose their future wife by the type of voice she has. Hearing means too much for men in order to not be considered. You can use that feature of men’s character to increase your panties selling. Be a creative and practical girl and make an audio record saying a few hot phrases or make an audio description of your offer. When men hear that sexy voice they will be attracted by your offer even more and start to fantasize immediately about having your panties. Choose the right intonation and present your panties in the hottest way possible. Hearing is one of the most important senses humans posses and use to orientate themselves in the world. We make many choices in our daily life based on hearing and speaking. Prepare a hot discourse and add a sensational feel, your profits will go higher right away. The voice is one of those things which make people fantasize and submerge themselves in their private thoughts. The combination of the voice with the sexy images of your panties will have almost the power which movies have on audiences. Also during sex the female moaning of satisfaction is one of the things which most matter to men. It marks female presence not only in the visual but in the auditive, too. Influences directly on men’s imagination to rip your panties off and posses you. So if you feel like a more naughty girl you can even make a moaning records and experiment with your panties’ offers. You’ll have many new panties buyers and fans for sure and a strong competition between sellers’ panties will take place. Combine sexy photos, selfies, collages taken in different places like in the bathroom, kitchen, under the sheets and add to some of them an audio record. You’ll make men go crazy to have exactly your panties and will be ready to pay even more for them. It’s all about experimenting with your panties’ offers and paying attention to how clients react. That way you’ll get more serious about your panties business and will actively try to influence it the best way possible. Combine new techniques and practices and your panties will start to sell faster and easier. It’s time to put all your efforts to become one of the best in the competitive panties business.

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