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Funny tip about selling used lingerie

| Used Panty professionals: | August 4, 2016


When you sell used lingerie you can always improve yourself, due to the variety of methods and techniques to impress the buyers. It could be a subtle way or something extremely kinky, that would make a buyer to remember you for your used lingerie and skills. It’s important to put extra efforts into polishing your abilities at promoting and selling used lingerie, if you want to maintain yourself popular.

Asking questions about the last time someone’s has done something naughty, you can playfully tease the used panties buyers and create interesting situation for them. Here are some examples about this special tip:

1.What was the female’s lingerie the last time you enjoyed the most your intimate pleasures?
Making a buyer to go back in the past and think about the exact details about a lingerie he has actually experienced, you excite him profoundly. People tend to be sensitive when it comes to memories and intimate encounters, so discussing such a moments you can very easily get to understand a used panties buyer’s opinion on sexuality, lingerie and at the same time inspire him to buy it.

2.What was the kinkiest thing you did the last time you was fascinated with a used lingerie?
Asking about the actual things someone has done is provocative and very playful for men. They like to brag and sometimes make up different stories about their sexual experiences. However, that makes them to get excited and fantasise about getting in action again. As a result, more used panties sales can be made in order for the clients’ passions and fantasies to be satisfied.

3.What types of thoughts had been provoked in you the last time you made a satisfying used panties purchase?
Talking about a specific used lingerie purchase, the used panties buyers can get interested into the discussion and desiring to buy used panties again. The similarity between the themes discussed and the aims of the discussion, make it possible to use it for exciting the clients and promoting. You can get to know what the used panties buyers want and analyse their wishes into a little bit more details.

Get to know every single used panties buyer and use the information for making the process of selling into something more special and interesting. At the end you’ll gain a group of very loyal clients and make prosperous offers. That’s how the used panties business can function dynamically and be full of action.

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