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Using the glam look versus using the natural look in your used panties profile

| Used Underwear selling Guide | April 27, 2017


There are many ways to edit your profile and experiment with different looks. The two most extreme ones are the glam make up look and the natural no make up look. Naturally, every person has his own preferences regarding how the looks combine with a sexy lingerie. However, there are some specific cases in which is better to use a specific appearance in order to impress more.

We’re going to demonstrate you the most basic differences and tips when it comes to these two looks and their relation to sexy lingerie.

Paying attention to the light in the images
Whether you should put on some make up and glam hairstyle can depend on the light where you photo shoot. If the light is dimmed there’s no need to waste your time in putting on some make up and trying to achieve a perfect glam look. The dimmed light gives a romantic sensation to the photo and puts the emphasis on the lingerie that you wear. The shadows give your face and body a nice outline and a sexy appearance. All you need to worry about is the lingerie that you wear, how you pose in it and the emotions you convey in the entire photo.

Investigating the used panties buyer’s preferences
Important factor when you choose your look is the opinion of the used panties buyers. If you notice that a buyer is into the natural things, has a playful and easy going spirit, then you can use your natural look when promoting your lingerie and totally fascinate him. When a client looks more capricious and searches during long time for the perfect lingerie, then it’s good to dedicate more time to the process of negotiating and show him your most elegant and chic look. The different buyers have different preferences, and finding out what would suite them the best, you’re going to make better used panties negotiations.

Choosing a look depending on your lingerie
There are lingerie designs that look better combined with make up and others that are matched well without one. When a lingerie has a floral motifs and more feminine romantic colours, you can omit the make up. If an underwear is elegant and luminous, then it’s a good idea to match it with some type of a make up. Following this simple advice when you match your intimate garments with cosmetics use, you can impress the used panties clients and have a harmonious beautiful appearance.

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Emblematic erotic scenes which you should try in your used panties photos

| Used Underwear selling Guide | April 20, 2017


The sexy scenes especially depicted in the movies can be used quite well to inspire yourself about some naughty photo shooting. You can represent them or create a completely new ones. Promoting your sexy used lingerie online with the use of photos is essential step of being a successful and popular seller.

Consider this option for improving your photo shooting and creative skills, for having a better looking profile and unique used panties classifieds.

A feminine skirt in the air
Every woman wears skirts and depending on the type of the skirt a lot of interesting effects can be achieved. The most popular cinematic effect is the feminine skirt going in the air, lifted by the wind. You can include such interesting scenes or poses in your sexy lingerie photos as well. Going out on a windy day or just showing yourself on the terrace wearing something sexy, you can get someone to take photos of you or you can even take some wild and attractive selfies. Your clothes and hair affected by the wind create a very natural and sexy look. It’s a nice way to start a naughty chat with a used panties buyer in an artistic and captivating manner.

Putting on some sexy stockings
The stockings themselves are quite sexy. However, there is an even sexier thing about them. That is the process itself of putting on some sexy stockings. Men adore to see women putting on their clothes due to being very feminine, erotic and appealing to them. Photo shooting yourself how you put on your sexy stockings or lingerie, you can catch a very special moment for them and reveal part of your nude body as well. It’s a very elegant way to present yourself and your sexy intimate garments to the used panties buyers, innocently and originally.

Attractive eating
Another interesting moment full of sexual implications is the process of eating. Women tend to eat in a quite sweet and appealing way for the men. Taking some photos when you eat, especially something sugary or fruits, wearing sexy clothes and lingerie, you can play with the imagination of the used panties buyers. Getting creative with the food, you can obtain some even sexier poses and expressions, that are going to fascinate the clients. Experiment with the kinky idea and enjoy the sexy results at the end. You’re surely going to savour these moments of photo shooting and discover new ways to pose sexily in lingerie.

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Having a used panties themed weekend

| Used Underwear selling Guide | April 13, 2017


Dedicating your weekend to making used panties negotiations can be quite fun. The open minded users and having the opportunity to make some profits, are significantly inspiring and can give your time more organisation and passion. Consider dedicating your resting days entirely to the used panties sales once in a while, and you’re going to notice the boost of energy for yourself and the increase of profits.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to become a used panties obsessed seller.

Add new used panties classifieds
During the weekend you’ve got a lot of time and that makes it perfect for adding new items for sale. You can take better photos in lingerie, write an interesting description and promote the newly added offers intensively. In addition, the used panties buyers naturally are more active during the resting days and are going to check your offers surely. It’s a technique to sell your used panties faster, promoting them successfully and enjoying your prosperity fully, without having to dedicate yourself to other tasks. Embrace the opportunity to become a more creative and popular used panties seller, benefiting from having fun in the community during the weekend.

Go on a small naughty trip
You can even plan a small naughty trip and still participate in the used panties sales. Choosing a good location where you can go naughty, be with your boyfriend or close friends, you can have a lot of fun exploring a new location and at the same time you can take some sexy lingerie photos. Introducing novelty in your schedule by going on a trip, you’re going to fill yourself with excitement and appear quite sexy and naughty in the photos taken in the innovative place. You’re going to have some interesting stories to tell to your used panties clients when you decide to send them the naughty photos.

Be more social and post frequently
The more free time that you have, the more you can comment and chat in the used panties community. This is very nice, since you can become more popular and be visible to everybody online. Use your weekend to post some fun and naughty things related to your used panties clients or the other sellers. All the users can post and discuss various themes, making them feel inspired and more connected to each other. Try to be more active in social terms and you’re going notice the increase of interest in your used panties classifieds.

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How to create your sexy lingerie outfit starting from the feet

| Used Underwear selling Guide | April 6, 2017


For men the feet and legs matter a lot. They are one of the most essential body parts that you should consider when making used panties negotiations. Starting to construct your outfit paying attention to your feet and then selecting a lingerie, you can put emphasis to their sexual appear and make your photo gallery more interesting. Use this option from time to time in order to excite the curiosity of your used panties fans and make them invest in used stockings as well.

It’s healthy for your used panties business and fun for you, too.

Choose shoes’ color
For the feet fetish fans the shoes are a part of the physical aspect that attracts the attention significantly. Starting from your shoes, select the color of heels you like the most and depending on your mood. This is going to help you with the selection of the rest of your garments and accessories later, and is going to make it possible to match them all. The colour of heels that you’re going to choose can define the entire style of the outfit, whether it’s going to be naughty or oriented toward spring innocent designs. Feel free to experiment and put on the most flattering and attractive pair of heels.

Combine your shoes with stockings
After you’ve selected your shoes it’s time to put on some naughty stockings. There are many varieties of stockings including different types of textures and colours. Matching them with the colour of your heels, you are going to achieve a harmonious and elegant look. If you decide to contrast the colours, you’re going to appear naughtier and bolder. The textures matter a lot as well and influence the entire look. Choose velvety and shiny ones if you are in a calmer mood, and fishnet stockings if you feel naughtier. The options are so varied that can suit many different moods and accessories of yours.

Complete the look with sexy lingerie
At the end you can complete the entire look with a sexy lingerie. Matching it with at least one of the colours of your stockings or shoes, you can achieve various attractive aspects. If you want to put the emphasis on your legs, it’s good to choose a colour different from that of your stockings and go with something more neutral and basic. In case that you want to impress more with your lingerie even when you’ve put on a pair of naughty lacy stockings, then you can feel free to choose from the sexiest and kinkiest lingerie designs.

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Best foods for better used panties sales

| Used Underwear selling Guide | March 30, 2017

The foods that you eat can have effect over your used panties sales due to having influence over your general health and mood. It’s an indirect way to make yourself to be a better used panties seller and enjoy the hobby more. Take care about your diet and keep yourself in a good mood. The benefits that you’re going to receive are quite positive and definitely worth the effort that it takes to manage your eating variety and include the most useful nutrients.

Keep in mind the following tasty and healthy for your sexual mood and used panties sales foods.

Drinking coffee can be quite beneficial for your libido levels. A research has found out that the consumption of caffeine can make a person more eager to involve himself in sexual activities frequently. Enjoying a cup of hot coffee or icy caffeinated beverages while you are online in the used panties selling community, you can directly stimulate your brain and senses for passionate and naughtier experience. If you are not a heavy coffee drinker you can have some nice desserts made with coffee. The increased coffee and sugar levels in your blood can influence you fast and excite you to chat and make used panties negotiations.

Cocoa and sugary foods are not always that bad. Eating more cocoa like chocolate, various cocoa cookies and cakes, you can increase your libido and feel more relaxed at the same time. It’s the best combination of feelings that you can get, that can serve you in your daily life and used panties sales. Relax combing back from work with some dark chocolate, replenish your energy and feel the libido boost. You can participate and have better results that way in every hobby that you undertake. Just remember that the specific foods should be in moderation and with high cocoa content.

The fruits and vegetable with orange color, and especially carrots, contain various vitamins, specifically vitamin E and A, and are very important for keeping your sexual organs in perfect condition. Both men and women can benefit, having healthier body and increased libido. Snacking on carrots rather than chips and other carbohydrates on a daily basis, you can keep yourself sexually inspired continually. This is naturally good for your performance in the used panties sales and increases the possibilities to go extra naughty for your clients. Include some carrots in your diet and gradually you’re going to notice the difference in your mood and health.

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What does it feel like to sell used panties

| Used Underwear selling Guide | March 23, 2017


The process of selling used panties can fill you with various positive feelings. It’s a hobby that can completely change how you feel about your life and make you be more active. The more that you participate in the used panties community, the more you’re going to notice the positive benefits that you receive being part of it. Here we’re going to describe you the most essential and exciting ways in which you can benefit.

The fact that the used panties negotiations take place with strangers makes the hobby to be quite exciting. The sexual themes and naughty conversations make the excitement a natural part of the business and you’re going to be addicted to its character. The playful spirit and catchy messages make it to be pleasurable and entertaining, while it provides you with various financial benefits. Being emotionally influenced and excited about your business and life, you start to implicate yourself into more curious and innovative activities while promoting your used panties online as well. It’s a process of liberation that is continually giving you pleasure, satisfaction and excitation.

The more you gain financial benefits and charm your used panties buyers, the more motivated you feel in the hobby and your daily life. At first it may be not that interesting for you, however after a few sales you start feeling motivated and excited to continue. Making various plans about creating your used panties offers and how often you want to participate, you successfully incorporate it in your life and make it a pleasurable habit. It’s a nice way to receive your daily dose of motivation and organise your life with some new ideas in mind and continual motivation.

Life changing
For the majority of the used panties sellers to start to be part of the naughty hobby changes their life. Be their worldview about sexuality or how they can benefit from their activities daily, they start to be more pragmatic and open minded. This promotes the feelings of relaxation and confidence, making it easier to be prosperous in your life and usual activities. Enjoy selling your used lingerie and you’re going to undergo a lot of positive changes, making you be a more intelligent and playful individual.

Considering these basic and important ways of feeling when you sell used panties, you can notice their influence better and get even more interested in the business.

It’s a matter of time and efforts to face these pleasant and joyous feelings while you sell your dirty lingerie. Continue with the good work and enjoy the variety of emotions and benefits you’re going to undergo and savour.

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The most powerful messages that you can send to your used panties buyers

| Used Underwear selling Guide | March 16, 2017

The more you pay attention to the messages you sent to your clients, the more power you can have over them. The communication between the sellers and buyers matters a lot and defines what type of connection they are going to have. There are people that are oriented more toward making business rather than having fun online. Making it possible for the clients to notice your lively character and naughty spirit, you can surely be one of the more prosperous and interesting used panties sellers. Therefore, pay more attention to your messages and enjoy their influence.

Appreciative notes
Men adore to receive compliments even more than women do. Appreciating various qualities about the used panties buyers, related to their character or physical appearance, you make them feel really good about themselves. That’s how they start to associate you with good things and are excited to invest in your services during long time. Paying attention to making your clients feel appreciated and desired, is going to make you be more popular and profitable used panties seller. Whenever something good impresses you about a client, don’t feel shy but share it with him.

Supportive phrases
At times men can feel a bit uncertain about what lingerie they would like to choose or why they should invest in it. Being supportive and exciting their sexual desires, you help them to make the decision and get in connection with their feelings easier. Most of the used panties buyers online really need to have a friendly relationship with a seller and receive some phrases of support sometimes. This promotes the desire of the buyers for naughty services and used lingerie. Feel free to experiment and have a pleasant attitude to your clients.

Messages of interest
As a used panties seller you should also show interest toward your clients and make them feel desired. Being naughty with your messages and initiating chats, you can make them feel important and sexually attractive. Using this feature of flirting with the used panties buyers, you can both have fun and enjoy making business. The more playful you are the more the clients are going to be attracted by your easy going and fun nature.

Being careful with the type of messages you send to your clients you can have more control in your business and better outcomes. Your used panties buyers should feel comfortable and happy when they are making negotiations with you.

Always make sure that you satisfy their emotional needs and you’re going to be a profitable and successful used panties seller.

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Do you know how to treat yourself and have fun in the used panties sales?

| Used Underwear selling Guide | March 9, 2017


It’s important to spoil yourself when you sell used panties online and enjoy tremendously the naughty hobby. It’s going to make you invest more time in it and be quite eager to be creative and unique. Receiving emotional benefits together with the profits, you’re going to feel more excited than ever and make the used panties hobby a centre of your attention and personal desires. It’s useful for increasing your profits and improving your selling style.

Present and sell the lingerie that you like
When you get involved with the used panties sales it’s good to add the items that you like as well. This is going to make you be more excited about the classifieds and feel proud with your profile. It’s an immediate turn on for the used panties clients, making them to notice your unique beauty easier. When you like what you do and the used panties that you offer for sale, you’re going to use all of your potential and feel inspired to be creative. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to your personal likes as well, together with the used panties clients’ preferences.

Ask the used panties buyers for advice
Men normally are really into giving advice due to making them feel important and needed. When you want to discuss a certain naughty issue and consult with them, feel free to do so. It’s an instant way to excite their passions not only about the specific question you’ve got, but about your used panties classifieds as well. That way you’re going to have fun discussing an interesting naughty theme for you and easily seduce them to invest in your services.

Start talking about your fantasies
Usually the used panties sellers are focused more on the fantasies of the buyers and how they could give them appropriate response. You can change this technique and make it all about your fantasies and enjoyment. Starting a dirty chat and making a client to seduce you, you not only have fun but also make it for him a little bit more challenging and interesting. It’s a nice way to introduce some variety and make the used panties buyers to enjoy the chats in a new way.

Don’t forget that you can receive some emotional enjoyment together with the financial profits as well. The used panties business should be established to satisfy the emotional and material needs of both participants.

Make sure that you invest your efforts in both directions and you’re going to notice the positive influence in your used panties negotiations.

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The used panties sales can make you be a more successful person

| Used Underwear selling Guide | March 2, 2017


In the used panties community you can make it possible to influence your personality and have some permanent positive changes. Being a successful used panties seller automatically translates into being a more prosperous and confident person in your daily life. The change of the attitude is quite significant for every participant and definitely benefits deeply the life of each one. It’s one more reason to be online in the used panties sales more often and enjoy your hobby.

Becoming more objective oriented
When you sell used panties, you normally need to have some specific objectives in mind. There are people that even write their priorities and objectives on a piece of paper and strictly create their own plan for success. This part of the used panties business promotes some very positive skills and attitude in you, making you to use it in your career and other hobbies as well. That’s how you become more influential, confident and able to control your emotions and daily life.

Learning how to communicate correctly
The communication is a crucial element of every business and well being of the society as well. Knowing to communicate correctly your ideas and express your opinions in an appropriate way, you can achieve better results and be heard by the others. That way you make your used panties classifieds to be easier to grasp by the others and able to impress fast. Also the used panties chats rely significantly on you being good at establishing a connection with a client, and making him excited about the offers and the entire experience.

Selecting the right people for making business
Online there are many different types of used panties clients and you should be good at selecting the right ones. This directly makes you a more attentive person, oriented toward analysing the behaviour and actions in a psychological plan, considering your own aims and fascinations. Mastering these skills, you naturally become better at meeting the right people in your life and establishing a connection with the most appropriate ones for you. It’s a technique that changes completely the social life of a person.

The more often you participate in the used panties sales and the more passionate you are, the easier you’re going to develop various skills and use them in your real life as well. The used panties sales are a varied and adventurous hobby whose benefits are endless.

Enjoy it freely, and bring to your life and used lingerie business a lot of success and positivism.

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Keeping a secret vs talking about your used panties industry job

| Used Underwear selling Guide | February 23, 2017


When a seller has been selling used panties online for longer, she may start to ask herself about how much she is supposed to talk about it. The way you include your used panties sales hobby in your life can depend on many things. Thinking about the attitude of the others around you and how you feel about introducing your friends to your hobby, you can consider the best decision and which one to put in practice.

Identify the stance of the others
If your friends are quite open minded and have the affinity to participate in naughty activities, there is not much to think about it, if you should reveal your hobby or not. However, when you have doubts about how well a certain person is going to accept it, you can write down on a piece of paper the advantages and the disadvantages of talking about your used panties hobby. This is going to help you to take the right decision, paying attention to how you feel about revealing your naughty hobby and what benefits you can get from sharing it.

Include the closest female friends in it
In case that you really would like to share your used panties hobby with someone outside the online community, you can think about your closest female friends. Your closest friends can understand you better and support you. Moreover, the females can get interested as well and join themselves in the used panties hobby. That’s why your best and most comfortable option when it comes to sharing personal things like this naughty hobby, is to count on your close female friends.

Think about it as something personal and special
It’s possible that you’re not ready to share it with a real person as well. In this case you can think about it as something special that you do for yourself in your free time. It’s important that every person cares for himself and maintains his routine fun and pleasurable. Participating in the used panties hobby you can assure yourself that you can stay healthy and calm, including your hobby in your daily life. Self love is a very important part of your lifestyle, that can change how you feel about yourself.

It’s good to consider how you position the others around you when it comes to the used panties sales. At a certain point the naughty hobby becomes a significant part of your everyday routine and affects your behaviour to the rest of the world.

It’s one more way to make the used lingerie sales more intimate to you and really submerge yourself into your passion consciously, and filled with motivation.

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