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How lingerie can have exhibitionist uses

| Uncategorized | August 11, 2016

The lingerie is not used just for looking good and enjoying the actual garments. It always has more significant and deep meanings that provoke an individual to use it, hence the variety of subcategories of fetishes. Being one of the most popular, the lingerie fetish should be definitely taken in mind when it comes to the enjoyment of exhibitionism and fantasies. A lot of people would get surprised about its dirty and exciting significance. But that’s how the entire fad and obsession begin and can make everybody feel better.


Most of the people tend to like the idea of getting caught during dirty activities in a variety of ways. The most simple and innocent one includes the use of lingerie and showing it by chance in public. Women can have a lot of moments when a bra strap or another part of a lingerie shows. The reactions can vary, however if observed and experienced without prejudices the situation is normally pleasurable. The use of lingerie for provoking the attention, be with a special one or alone, is very convenient and doesn’t involve people in a naughty hassle. Moreover, it looks very sexy and is even able to elevate the confidence. The spicy combination of outside activities and making lingerie visible can benefit you to have fun with fantasies and stay decent.
In addition, the exhibitionist fantasies and objectives of people depend on the way a lingerie is shown. The context, the rest of the clothes and the presence of a second person can make the situation full of possibilities and options for having fun. All you have to do is balance between showing the sexy lingerie and keeping your body covered. How far a person would go with the exhibitionist experiences depends on many factors and the type of personality of a person. The most important thing is to enjoy it and discover the secret magic of lingerie garments in public. Every person can develop his own way to experience it, be stronger or more subtle, and include actively the charming and various uses that an erotic lingerie can have.
Think about the prospects of including lingerie in spicier scenarios and enjoy the different features. Changing the traditional methods can be healthy and make your sexual life more interesting and full of excitement. Daring to express your dirty desires in more ways than you normally do would definitely have a positive effect over you.

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Mainstream vs indie lingerie brands

| Uncategorized | July 28, 2016


May be you don’t pay a lot of attention to the brands of lingerie you’re buying in terms of types of companies. However, taking in mind this can help you to receive better quality lingerie and more rights as a client. Choosing indie manufactured lingerie, you can have the opportunity to respect your body and personal opinion more.

Lingerie designs creation
Normally, the mainstream brands don’t invest that much efforts into creating new designs and never risk when it comes to trying new things and trends. Buying indie manufactured lingerie you can have more fun with the lingerie designs and explore different tendencies. These small companies care about variating things and keeping the attention of the customers with being creative at their own business. The big companies count on fame, while the smaller ones on trust. Therefore, it’s good to pay more attention and choose buying lingerie from indie companies and have fun with he various unexplored underwear trends.

Customer opinion
Big lingerie companies rarely heed into the customers’ opinion. The lingerie trends and manufacturing of designs are created in order to capture the attention in a mainstream way. That’s why it’s better to buy your lingerie from smaller companies if you want to leave feedback and indeed make your voice to be heard. Smaller lingerie manufacturers always heed their clients’ opinion in order to renovate their business continually and improve it effectively. It’s a very important characteristic when it comes to shopping and sales.

Human rights
The constant renovation of lingerie designs and trends that happens in the indie lingerie companies, together with paying strict attention to the customers’ opinion, makes it possible for human rights to be protected and represented. Small companies take in mind trends that are needed in order for minorities to be represented into the lingerie industry and society as well. Various types of sexual orientations and skin types can finally be respected more and taken in mind when creating new lingerie designs. The more comfortable and oriented toward feminine interests lingerie, also is directed toward protecting female rights.

When you shop for new lingerie, keep in mind these points and take care about the products you buy. Doing responsable shopping, you invest in higher quality garments and respect your body and rights more. Experiment with the possibilities and discover the various interesting opportunities out there.

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3 surprising objects that are as special as lingerie

| Uncategorized | July 21, 2016


There are many other things that can be equally inspiring and even more exciting than the lingerie itself. The so-called fetishes are very unpredictable and change with time for the different types of societies, epochs and individuals themselves. Here you can browse through some more untypical types of sexual objects and think about the possibility to introduce variety in your lingerie and sexual routine.

The umbrella can have many erotic meanings for both men and women. Like lingerie, umbrellas are created in many different designs and colours, giving the opportunity to women to use it as a wonderful accessory emphasising femininity. They are used in many dances as well, as a nice fun object, adding crisp and playful look to every performance. The designs, appearance and length of the different umbrellas can make a man obtain a more masculine and elegant look as well. Another way in which the sexual vibe of an umbrella can be felt is the act of holding it, normally done by the men. It demonstrates male caring and protective function toward women. The umbrella is a very nice everyday object that unlike lingerie gives more opportunities to experiment with sexuality often and in intricate ways.

The handkerchiefs can be made to be a nice stylish accessory as well, if made to be in various interesting colours and textures. They have more similarities with the lingerie fetish, due to the possibility to make them dirty and leave odours. Being rather a capricious addition to the everyday appearance, many people still use them especially when it comes to sexual moments. Handkerchiefs can be used in a more interesting way than lingerie, for the requirement of someone’s own determination to use it and make it dirty in some way. It can implicate protective feelings toward someone or just emphasise a coquettish appearance.

The smoking fetish has been popular for long time, giving people a very intense sexual look. The smoke itself and fascination with the oral activity, emphasise the sexy appearance and mark a naughty character. It’s a popular accessory supplementing the sexy lingerie, together with other similar objects like straws, the act of eating and biting on things. Such fetishes can be added very often in all type of situations in order to flirt or play with the sexual imagination of someone, wearing or not sexy clothes and lingerie.

The more objects you use and implement, the more possibilities you have to enjoy your entire appearance. Fetishes are beneficial for all people and introduce some special exciting vibe making people mire enthusiastic to have fun. Exploring and putting in action your favourite and some new fetishes, you can guarantee yourself a lot of fun moments and more confidence.

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Men’s perspective on sexy lingerie

| Uncategorized | July 14, 2016


Men are made to like very specific designs of lingerie, influenced by their history, personal experiences and taste. There are a few common aspects for all men when it comes to what looks good about lingerie. Sometimes they coincide with women’s opinion on underwear, but in general there are some significant differences.


Thongs vs Panties vs Granny panties
Recently the granny panties have become popular and women are fascinated with the option of wearing baggy and big panties. However, fashion tendencies have nothing to do with men’s predisposition to like more feminine styled lingerie. Both thongs and panties are a better option, with normal lacy panties being the perfect. Baggy lingerie is often associated with mother or grandmother’s underwear, while thongs could reveal too much skin. That’s why you can never go wrong with choosing panties.

Pantyhose and Stockings
Normally both types of slippery and shiny textures covering the legs look quite sexy. Nonetheless, it’s always better to choose stockings or going bare foot. Pantyhose looks nice only with clothes on and many times has a little bit of antiquated style. There are various designs of socks and stockings that are fabricated which would be better at impressing and adding a fresh look to clothes. They have more playful look and use more lacy textures, making them a very simple option to achieve a naughtier and stylish appearance.

Corsets and Bodysuits
Both options look quite sexy and bodysuits have become quite popular during the recent years. However, the sexier option continues to be the corsets, that have been famous in a variety of ways including movies, animation, vintage photography, representing a very erotic symbol. The corset is one of the most stereotyped and attractive lingerie element, that is catching the attention and exciting the passions exactly for being so much distributed in the culture. That makes it perfect for fantasising and broadening the ways men experience sexuality. Lingerie and corsets tend to be used exactly with such purposes at a point when they start feeling bored and pay more attention to objects and underwear.

It’s not quite simple to always match the male expectations when dressing up and choosing lingerie. In the moments when you feel like experimenting, you can try to rethink the way to use lingerie and choose the most erotic underwear elements. That’s how you can explore a little bit more different point of view and presenting of your body.

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Benefits of living together with a partner for lingerie fetish lovers

| Uncategorized | June 30, 2016

Sharing the same place with someone special offers the perfect conditions of enjoying all your fetishes and explore new things. The more time spent together and the casual setting itself make people ready to experiment without feeling pressured. The used panties fetish and the rest of the kinky perverse hobbies can be explored and seen from a new point of view.

1.Enjoying clothes and lingerie more
When two people are living together they have more time and access to the other person’s lingerie, clothes and objects. That can make partners to feel even closer together and find out about their own intimate fetishes. The lingerie fetish is the sexiest option to explore while searching for other new erotic objects of adoration. Full access and many possibilities to enjoy lingerie are offered.

2.Sharing fantasies more often
Every person has his own life but when living with another partner, some very special moments of the day are shared. That gives more opportunities for sharing fantasies and adds extra naughty spirit to the sexy lingerie fetish. The communication can be realised on a new level, which at the same time facilitates sexual relations and lingerie themed discussions, but feelings and stronger sensations sometimes should be controlled.

3.Exploring fetishes
When people get to live together, they have more time to explore their passions related to lingerie or other objects. The common place and interior shared give feelings of comfort and liberty, which are not always present when changing places. Hence, the elevated desire to feel wanted and feel free to express yourself through the use of naughty objects like lingerie and fetish practices.

4.Understanding moods
Having contact with someone for more hours than usual, gives the chance to get to know the person even better in all types of situations. For this reason, people start feeling more comfortable and eager to open up about their naughtier desires. Be used panties fetish or stranger fascinations with eroticism, knowing and feeling closer to the person is beneficial for trying those ideas successfully in practice.

Changes like living together with someone, are essential and very beneficial for a relation. It not only influences the relation itself and brings passions and determination to experiment. That’s a nice way to get involved more profoundly in the used panties fetish and enjoy the naughty spirit. It’s important to feel satisfied and close with your partner, whatever the fetish you’re going to try out.

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Animation characters lingerie

| Uncategorized | June 9, 2016

There are many ways to get involved in role play and make lingerie even more fun to wear. Including modern themes and popular characters, can make every play more interesting and exciting. Combining and mixing between lingerie designs and roles, people can get to be engaged better and more, meanwhile enriching the sexual experiences.

Creating lingerie fantasies
Normally people tend to put in practice the first fantasies that come to their mind without getting into complicated plays. However, using more complex ideas and scenarios that can be adopted from movies, makes it more exciting. The animation characters are some of the most popular used for lingerie role play instead of the traditional stereotypes. Wearing lingerie in order to play and impress in the roles of princesses and other fictional characters, is more challenging for acting but worth the efforts.

Role play character
The lingerie role play becomes more interesting and engaging due to being more modern and representing the people better. The obsolete notions should be left out and modern day movies and animated shorts included. This way people can experience the lingerie plays more deeply and receive more enjoyment. The typical concepts of submission, domination, teasing and other sexy techniques can be combined with every lingerie design and animation character. It’s just a matter of language use and dedication to play. Working on the actions and specific word use, while still achieving the specific lingerie look, the exciting modern role play can be enacted successfully.

Experimenting and adding excitement
The modern animation roles are the easiest to try when it comes to lingerie. They permit a person to add more exciting elements to the play, for it being simple and involving typical roles. Every lingerie design can get to be more beautiful and excite, just with the simple involvement into a story. Experimenting with lingerie, fantasies and the modern culture is healthy and exciting, making it possible all of the important elements of everyday and intimate life to come together and multiply the enjoyment. It’s essential to mix and make sure that lingerie, culture and the intimate desires are all included into the role plays.

Getting creative is essential for enjoying wearing lingerie. The beautiful designs can take a lot of meanings and fantasies can be taken to the next level. It’s good to always pay attention and add new concepts in the lingerie role plays. That way the surprises, enjoyment and thrill of intimate life are guaranteed.

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Why wearing lingerie is a type of art

| Uncategorized | June 2, 2016

The act of choosing and wearing lingerie is more special and complex than the majority of people expect. It has special effects over people and the way they perceive the physical appearance. Creating new meanings and looks, deeply influences perception and enhances the sexual experience. It’s a garment that should be appreciated and explored extensively.

Lingerie creates meanings
The body on its own looks kind of boring and too simplistic. With the use of lingerie it can be converted into something more and obtain a variety of meanings. The diverse intimate garments make this possible and continually recreate the perceptions and meanings related to the body. That way various emotions can be provoked and more exciting experiences created. The lingerie makes physical looks speak the most intimate languages of all and connects people in a unique emotional way.

Lingerie expresses individuality
Wearing lingerie a person is able to express his unique and individual traits through the sexy looks. There’s no other powerful way to make your personality visible and expressive in the intimate moments, like the use of lingerie and erotic accessories. The naked body lacks personality and most of the times can be quite boring. The lingerie has the function to take control of the situation and desires, occulting and revealing specific parts of the body. Its use can substantially influence how people experience sexuality and enjoy the moments of intimacy.

Lingerie produces opportunities
The intimate garments give the chance to play with lingerie in a variety of ways and explore the diverse opportunities of enjoyment. It can be used as a pure garment just for embellishing the body or its meaning can be taken further for getting deep into the dynamics of desires. Mixing the various uses, it presents in front of the people the endless variety of enjoying the lingerie and makes them more active in the moments of entertainment. The glimpse of the variety inspires and makes every individual to get more creative and passionate about the lingerie. It’s the ultimate option for getting acquainted with the diversity and intimate modes of expression.

The lingerie, with its powerful features to play with meanings, desires and perceptions, is one of the most valuable elements of every intimate play. It should be used and explored in order to always feel inspired and be yourself in the sexual realm. It’s a matter of staying true to your desires and play with them freely and creatively.

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Strange but sexy lingerie fetishes

| Uncategorized | May 19, 2016

The majority of fetishes normally sound and look strange. However, there can be very entertaining ones, especially the lingerie fetishes, with the variety of uses underwear can have in the sexual sphere. Therefore, it’s good to try new things from time to time and explore the diverse passions contained in the simple but powerful lingerie items.

Ripping off lingerie
The more BDSM oriented people are often fascinated with ripping off lingerie. Nonetheless, all types of individuals can enjoy the specific move but don’t dare to try it. Due to abstaining from ruining a set of underwear or just unsure how things work, many people evade getting involved in such actions. However, it can be very fun and not so complicated to try. A couple can always choose an older lingerie or a pair of underwear that could be used especially for such purposes. The bold act of ripping off clothes and lingerie can create passionate feelings relying on the typical scenarios from books and movies or just counting on the exciting action itself.

Getting dirty
Making the body and lingerie dirty is always quite sexy and exciting. In general, food is used for such purposes but the prospects of leaving stains can make a lot of people leave it out as an option. Nonetheless, choosing the right types of foods can be of big help and make it more fun to enjoy the lingerie. Cream, yogurt, fruits and ice normally don’t cause problems with the variety of lingerie, especially the darker colors. Including the act of getting messy with food and lingerie while enjoying eating, is very exciting for it mixes the naughty rebellious situation with satiating the appetite for eating something light and tasty.

Lingerie tying
The undergarments can be used successfully during the games of tying. The act of using lingerie instead of other things makes the moment more exciting and filled with impatience. Just going with the flow and choosing various objects and lingerie for diverse activities in an unusual way always brings agitation. Lingerie straps, garters, thongs and panties can serve for tying or just putting a little bit of a pressure on the body.

Having those spicy lingerie ideas in mind, people can use the lingerie in more unusual fetishistic ways. Learning to experiment with the underwear is always beneficial and entertaining. That way more enjoyment can be derived and desires not only expressed but personalized.

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Music can change mood and lingerie use

| Uncategorized | May 12, 2016

The music can be a very beneficial addition to the intimate life. Both, moods and how a woman thinks about sexuality are affected. The pleasant sounds are healthy for the mind and make people more eager to have fun, dress in a sexy lingerie and experiment. Converting yourself into a music fan and exploring different types of music can have an impact over lingerie use, intimate adventures and feelings.

1.Music focuses the attention on fantasy and feelings
The music has a special influence on people, making them to separate from the daily life and focus on their thoughts. That way it is easier to fantasize and play with the variety of fetishes like lingerie, when the right atmosphere and feelings are created. Music makes the lingerie and body to take more sensual meanings and be included into role plays. Lyrics can be beneficial for inciting the desires and point toward some specific ideas. Whatever the type, it’s important to have fun and embrace the lingerie fetish with the pleasant sounds of music and animated mood.

2.Music makes people more relaxed and eager to have fun
The sounds themselves have a relaxing function and focus the attention on the pure break from all other activities. Using music when having plans to put on your erotic lingerie and have fun, can make you behave in a naughtier way just by hearing the vivacious sounds. Music takes people into another world, in a very similar way like lingerie does. Combining them both is the perfect way to get more experienced with playing games and be eager to have fun in innovative ways.

3.Sexy lingerie dances
The naughtier women can even be eager to dance in their sexiest lingerie. That’s the most sensual way in which women can use their lingerie in order not just to participate in a fantasy, but stay in control of the situation. Dancing in the lingerie and choosing the music, women can set the mood and reign over the viewer’s impressions. It’s a very creative way to get naughty and playful with an erotic lingerie, that can make every situation more interesting and full of surprises.

Including music can definitely add some new ways for experimenting with lingerie. The strong influence it has on people should be taken in mind and used to the fullest. Playing with as many techniques as possible can be beneficial and satisfying for all people in love with lingerie, fantasies and adventures.

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Having fun with lingerie outdoors

| Uncategorized | May 5, 2016

Lingerie can be enjoyed not only in private but in outdoor activities as well. Wearing sexy underwear in public can be even more exciting and fun, depending on the activity. It’s good to spice things up and undertake challenges related to lingerie and sexuality. That’s one way to put a start to self improvement and personal growth while still having fun.

Fetish clubs
In those special clubs the kinkiest designs of lingerie can be worn. That’s the perfect place for people who want to explore more the fetishes and how lingerie can serve as one. It’s a totally different way of viewing the sexy lingerie and objects, involving people into the endless world of fantasies and perversions. Once experienced, fetishes provoke to be explored and developed through the means of fantasy. Every person can have a lot of fun just by joining with a sexy lingerie and taking interest into the naughty activities. It’s all about daring to experience the naughty spirit taking place in those mysterious places.

Sexy workshops
In general there are a lot of workshops and events organized in the social media. Every single happening can have its own rules of wearing lingerie and the games included into the affair. Participants can prepare themselves ahead of time and choose appropriate lingerie and accessories. That’s the most casual and entertaining way to explore sexuality in different ways, going to the various lingerie and fetish events created. New contacts with open minded people can be created as well, which makes the experience valuable and its effects durable.

Nudist pools and beaches
At the naked seaside places and pools all people can feel free to leave their lingerie at home and enjoy the beauty of nude bodies. Not wearing lingerie can be quite sexy for the most kinky individuals and make people to appreciate the aesthetic value of lingerie. A new connection between people can be established and new sensations explored. Such an intense experience can make a person more skilled at using the lingerie for relating to others, once the connection and communication without lingerie have been explored.

Lingerie and sexuality should be enjoyed in various ways and different places. Visiting from time to time kinkier and new naughty locations, can be a way to have fun and explore the full potential of erotic lingerie. It’s a way to discover all the dirty desires in the human nature and dare to enjoy them.

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