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What you should know about sending nudes to your used panties buyers

| Used Underwear selling Guide | September 21, 2017

The used panties buyers are really into the sexy photos, especially when it comes to nudes. If you are a more advanced seller, you may have been thinking about sending some naughtier photos to your clients. While the idea sounds nice and pretty easy to put in practice, there are a lot of peculiar ways in which it can affect you and your business.

You should think about it really well and have in mind the changes that are going to take place for you in the used panties community.

It’s going to affect your popularity
Sending nude photos is definitely going to make you be more popular in the community. Buyers share information about the different sellers and leave reviews on the profiles. They are extremely impressed with the used panties sellers that provide not only lingerie but other naughty services like providing nude photos. Everybody has access to sexy photos in lingerie, only a few sellers dare to show their body completely. If you decide to do it, you should have in mind that it should be done gradually, sensually and in moderation. That’s how you can use it for having more success.

You may feel strange
At first you’ll feel strange for sure. Almost every woman starts feeling ashamed and strange when she shows more intimate parts of her body. Nonetheless, it’s a nice exercise to make and train yourself to be more easy going and have some sexy fun in new ways. The more comfortable that you feel with your nude body, the more able you’ll become in the sexy lingerie photos as well. It’s going to train you to be more confident and powerful person in every sphere in life. Dare to send some nudes to your used panties buyers and prepare yourself for life changing positive results.

The more you practice, the better it becomes
The more nude photos that you send to your clients, the better you’re going to become at it. In the beginning you’ll lack a lot of skills related to taking nude photos. The aspect of them is not going to impress you, but you shouldn’t give up. Having made the right poses, using the right light and experimenting with various objects in the photos, you’ll learn all of the secrets of taking nude photos. The same way you take photos in sexy lingerie, you need to pay attention to the way you pose and how the different postures can enhance your feminine figure.

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