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The reason you started selling used underwear and why it matters

| Used Panty professionals: | December 15, 2016

Starting to sell used lingerie looks like a casual decision and it certainly is, however it contains some deep motives and personal excitation. Every single activity that consists your daily life and especially the sexual ones, can reveal a lot about your psychological state and individuality.


That’s why it’s good to think in some details about your passion to sell used panties and search for the reasons you’re dedicating yourself to it. It can expose a lot of secrets about yourself and make you even more devoted to it.

1.Desire to establish a strong female presence
Women have started to establish themselves in the society as a strong figure for long time. It’s a lengthy and continual process that persists and embraces various spheres of society and life. Selling used lingerie is one way to become more independent in a professional and sexual way. Choosing to dedicate yourself to it you are certainly a modern woman ready to defend her rights and positions freely.

2.Need to express sexual excitation
Naturally, the schedule of modern people is very busy and full of so many consuming tasks that there’s no time or means to express the sexual energy. Deciding to include the used panties hobby, every woman becomes more responsible toward her intimate desires and starts expressing her sexuality more. It can be in chatting with the used panties clients or just posting some naughty lingerie pictures. Whatever the means, it’s a sure way to establish a better balance in a person’s lifestyle.

3.Passion for exploring eroticism
Not only men but women secretly have the passion to discover the sexual variety. Every single human being is interested into knowing more and experiencing life in its most varied way. Being into the used panties negotiations people can get to learn a lot about different types of fetishes and fantasies. There’s no easier way to discover the erotic variety that privately exists in the online sexy hobbies.

4.Demand for enjoying fantasies
It’s a natural part of every person’s life to fantasise and eventually share his fantasies. The used panties negotiations is the place where all of the dirty thoughts can be used in a beneficial way and promote the used lingerie and naughty services to the buyers. Enjoying fantasies and their continual influence, women can finally find a place where they can stay anonymous and reveal their intimate impressions.

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How to prevent having dissatisfied used panties clients?

| Used Panty professionals: | December 1, 2016


Having a client that is not satisfied with the received used lingerie can happen to anyone. You may have the most brilliant techniques and attitude, but sometimes there are details that you don’t notice immediately. Therefore, it’s good to think more profoundly about this possible case and stay prepared when you deal with your buyers. Taking preventive actions and staying aware of the buyers’ mood you can have a successful business easier.

Being careful with clients’ personal themes
The used panties buyers have their own intimate topics that should not be discussed extensively or should be introduced very carefully. After all, the sexuality is related to a variety of personal details and could make a person be vulnerable. Pay attention to the readiness of a used panties client to discuss with you his personal fetishes in details. If he is not that into naughty chatting but rather is focused on making a deal, being an easy going seller abstaining from discovering his secrets is going to be your best choice in the situation.

Taking care about looking professional
When you chat with the used panties buyers you may feel like going too informal and not texting in the most correct way. Nonetheless, keeping your language skills professional can be beneficial and make your used panties clients believe more into your reliability and quality lingerie. That significantly lessens the possibility of them blaming you for not completing their criteria regarding dirty messaging and lingerie fully. Since you can’t always fulfil their expectations perfectly, for it is hard to know their personal ideals easily, keeping your tone professional and reliable is going to be an advantage for your reputation.

Listen well to their advice regarding lingerie
In order to maximise the possibility to select the best lingerie design for them and make them happy, you should heed their messages and wants. Trying to discuss with them their personal likes about lingerie without going into personal details, you are going to investigate their lingerie interest without intimidating them. Just a casual chat about used lingerie and its beautiful characteristics should be enough to understand what they would like to possess at the end of the negotiation.

Being careful and attentive of your used panties buyers’ reactions and expectations, you’re going to have happier customers and long-term fans. The used panties business is an intimate and naughty business that should be used in an intelligent manner for the best results possible. Have fun carefully and explore the art of making used panties deals.

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Ways to use speed in the used panties sales

| Used Panty professionals: | September 29, 2016

The concept of speed is relatively broad and it can encompass various uses according the activity to which it is related. When it comes to used panties selling, speed should be used in order to excite the clients and control their desires for dirty lingerie. This can happen in chatting, sending photos and how often you tease a used panties buyer in order to provoke his appetite. All buyers are different as well, so the best approach is to take in mind the qualities of speed and apply them in relation to the specific client. That’s how you’re going to have some very efficient negotiations, unique with their style and outcomes.

The speed of sending messages
When a used panties client starts texting to you, you’ve got two options, to respond or wait a certain amount of time. If it’s a new buyer that you don’t know, it’s good to be fast with your responses and impress him with all the information you provide. Being informative and at the same time short with your chatting, you’re going to catch his attention easily and make him interested. When a known buyer texts to you in order to purchase used lingerie again, you can also wait a certain amount of time and make him desire your used panties more. When a relation has been established earlier, you can play with it and make him be jealous of you completing the requests of other clients.

Provoking a used panties client
You can start messaging the buyers as well and in these cases you should be careful not to be too irritating toward certain buyers. Initiating a chat too often with the same buyer, he’s going to start feeling bored and even annoyed. Therefore, taking things slow and starting a chat only sometimes, leaving them to take the initiative, you’re going to balance in the messages and make them come back. You can’t force the selling process, even when you’re into constant fast messaging. It takes time for the buyers to think things through and get back to your used lingerie offers.

Exchanging dirty materials
With the used panties you should be careful and make sure that they always arrive on time. However, with the sexy lingerie photos it’s better to take it slowly and send them one at a time. Sending too much photos the clients are going to get bored and stop searching for your attention that much. A well made photo send at the right moment, can make them really impressed, rather than sending fast a bunch of sexy materials. It’s good to give them time to enjoy it and then review your used lingerie offers as well.

Playing with speed in the ways you interact with the used panties buyers, you can make the negotiations to be more interesting and productive. The clients are going to be affected by the various ways you play with their desires and impressions. It’s a wonderful approach for making more used panties sales and loyal clients.

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What makes the used panties sales so popular?

| Used Panty professionals: | September 15, 2016


The creation of the used lingerie business has made a lot of changes to how the people enjoy themselves in their daily lives and the modes of entertainment in the modern society. It’s a really nice and kinky hobby that combines different elements without getting to be too explicit. It’s a very good and new current in the intimate sphere and naughty pastimes.


Ease of access and distribution
The internet based market of selling used lingerie really facilitates the process of acquisition for the clients. That’s one of the most favourite ways of shopping and not only provides speed but anonymity. These facts convert the used lingerie offers into a very nice and attractive option, exceeding in trending the sex shops and all items provided by them. Making it possible to get connected between international countries and interchange sexy items easily, provides the users a really nice experience.

Modern style of enjoyment
The essential thing about the used panties sales that had made them popular is their unique style. The modern people expect maximum enjoyment provided in a fresh new way, which the used panties offers can really provide. The used garments give extreme pleasure while accessing the offers from home, selecting between used panties sellers and having fun with different online features typical for the social platforms, definitely have increasing the popularity. The used panties sales give modern people the chance to enjoy their sexual desires the way they feel most comfortable to do so.

New types of sensations
With the new style of enjoying sexuality, many new innovative sensations are created. The never experienced before online methods for sexual satisfaction provide a variety of new ways to have fun. They bring more excitement and make people full with desires, animating their spirit and putting end to the boredom. The used panties sales play with the different modes of online enjoyment and try to develop it even more. A lot of new features are constantly added for more fun used panties experiences and satisfied users. It’s a really nice hobby, open for changes, development and improving according to the people’s tastes.

The popular hobby of selling used lingerie has reached a very prosperous point and is worth to be tried out and experienced in practice. The continual development and improvements can fascinate everybody, while being implicated into the naughty used panties sales. It’s a wonderful experience granting the people the opportunity to enjoy life the way they want it.

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Funny tip about selling used lingerie

| Used Panty professionals: | August 4, 2016


When you sell used lingerie you can always improve yourself, due to the variety of methods and techniques to impress the buyers. It could be a subtle way or something extremely kinky, that would make a buyer to remember you for your used lingerie and skills. It’s important to put extra efforts into polishing your abilities at promoting and selling used lingerie, if you want to maintain yourself popular.

Asking questions about the last time someone’s has done something naughty, you can playfully tease the used panties buyers and create interesting situation for them. Here are some examples about this special tip:

1.What was the female’s lingerie the last time you enjoyed the most your intimate pleasures?
Making a buyer to go back in the past and think about the exact details about a lingerie he has actually experienced, you excite him profoundly. People tend to be sensitive when it comes to memories and intimate encounters, so discussing such a moments you can very easily get to understand a used panties buyer’s opinion on sexuality, lingerie and at the same time inspire him to buy it.

2.What was the kinkiest thing you did the last time you was fascinated with a used lingerie?
Asking about the actual things someone has done is provocative and very playful for men. They like to brag and sometimes make up different stories about their sexual experiences. However, that makes them to get excited and fantasise about getting in action again. As a result, more used panties sales can be made in order for the clients’ passions and fantasies to be satisfied.

3.What types of thoughts had been provoked in you the last time you made a satisfying used panties purchase?
Talking about a specific used lingerie purchase, the used panties buyers can get interested into the discussion and desiring to buy used panties again. The similarity between the themes discussed and the aims of the discussion, make it possible to use it for exciting the clients and promoting. You can get to know what the used panties buyers want and analyse their wishes into a little bit more details.

Get to know every single used panties buyer and use the information for making the process of selling into something more special and interesting. At the end you’ll gain a group of very loyal clients and make prosperous offers. That’s how the used panties business can function dynamically and be full of action.

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Reasons to become friends with a used panties buyer

| Used Panty professionals: | June 23, 2016

Maintaining contact with a used panties buyer and being friends, can be a very beneficial and interesting experience for every seller. Various themes can be explored and discussed, while little details about the buyers’ personalities understood as well. That’s how you can become more informed, experienced and inspired when it comes to used panties sales.

Explore fetishes more
Having conversations about used panties with the buyers can be actually a very interesting resource of information. Having a personal interest or just enriching your knowledge about the used lingerie fetish, the messaging with buyers can make you have fun and understand things in depth. It is both, useful for the business and exciting for you as a person.

Look at another point of view
The used panties buyers hold a lot of interesting thoughts and opinion when it comes to lingerie sales. Exchanging information with them out of the negotiations, makes it possible to understand their view about the fetish and sales. That can help you when you make used panties sales in the future and make you think about the way you create your offers. Analysing how buyers look at the fetish and sales online can help you to improve your skills and approaches.

Become an impressive used panties seller
Having had experience and communication with he used panties buyers, you can come to be a more prepared and smart seller. Knowing more about the buyers as people, their goals, sexual likes and ways of having fun, you can impress with some very appropriate and satisfying used lingerie offers. Having in mind the personal wants of the clients is key for improving the offers and including the favourite qualities of the buyers.

Maintain your passions
Communicating with the used panties buyers can make you more passionate and interested in the sales as well. Creating a friendship can make you to stick to the hobby and explore things more. You can feel more comfortable and ready to face the different situations that can take place online. It’s all about trusting somebody and taking some tips and support from time to time from someone nice.

Improving yourself as a seller and getting more interested into your own personal inspiration with the hobby, online friendships can significantly make your used panties business more interesting and successful. It all depends on your willingness to communicate, have fun and sell. Putting in action your efforts, abilities and adventurous spirit, you can achieve your used panties objectives and have a lot of fun.

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Stop overthinking and benefit from all the lingerie opportunities

| Used Panty professionals: | April 28, 2016

Many women tend to overthink and wonder how to make the used panties sales successful, focusing the attention too much on useless things. Dealing with offers successfully means seizing every opportunity in the right way without too much efforts spent. Therefore, being more pragmatic and using your energy for creating unique and at the same time easy panties deals, is the right way toward success.
Lingerie designs are quite various and every single one implicates a certain feminine features. Some panties sellers abstain from selling too plain and old lingerie choosing only the sexiest designs. However, all types of panties can be sold if they are made to look and smell well. The key characteristic is naturally the odor and there are no obligatory requirements for extraordinary sexy look. Managing the prices smartly can also help with including the more plain panties designs on the market and gain financial benefits from them as well. A lot of men don’t care that much about the tulle and lace but enjoy the unique feminine scent.
Moreover, online the behavior is another thing that tends to be overthought. When selling used underwear online women can indeed hide their identity and chat freely. However, it takes more efforts really to dare to try the naughty messaging and lure the panties buyers even more. At times it’s needed just to analyze and consider making some changes while selling. Improving communication while learning how to break some taboos with online fantasizing, is a pretty nice way to get really into the used panties seller lifestyle. Every woman can get better in sales and shouldn’t stop developing. The communication with the clients is crucial and at the same time strange thing which women should use to the fullest. Like every other means of interaction it has its meanings and objectives which should be manipulated for best results. The only way to really understand how the dirty panties sales negotiation functions is to just get online and start chatting with a customer. The hands on approach and being adventurous always make people to succeed and improve their skills in a certain sphere.
Using all the possible opportunities and breaking the rules can convert every activity into a success. The used panties sales don’t require a special knowledge and efforts, but an open-mindedness and creativity. Being yourself and exploring the new experiences, you can have fun and gain a lot of benefits.

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The very best dirty panties you can sell

| Used Panty professionals: | January 14, 2016

There are more models of panties than you can think of. Dirty panties buyers are online to explore all the variety possible and enjoy the sexy smells. It’s time to pay attention not only to how your panties smell but the model you’re actually selling. It can affect how female body looks and the way men feel about the pair of panties.
Different textures can make the smell of your dirty panties vary. Light panties and thongs are made of less textures and you should be careful when wearing them especially for making panties offers. It’s possible for them to take longer to get them smelly and make the buyers satisfied. Panties, particularly high waist ones get ready to be sold faster and easier. However, the look of the lingerie of course matters a lot too. Make sure that you offer all types of panties in order for the male audience to be interested in browsing, choosing and buying. People are enchanted with diversity and experimenting with objects. Getting creative with your lingerie means you care for your clients and observe the interests of the people online. Make panties look dirtier and sexier as possible, adding to their visual image a juicy description. Create stories about where the pair of panties has been worn and made to look so hot and attractive. It can be in the gym or just playing with yourself in the midnight under the sheets. Men will go crazy for you underwear offers getting trapped in their fantasies while reading and exploring. Washing and ironing your lingerie before wearing it, putting on some sexy perfume and lotions, would make it smell more feminine and tempting. Make it feel and look unique, and buyers would get addicted to your offers. Moreover, maintaining yourself to look sexy in the photos, could be of significance, too. You act as a model who presents the dirty panties to the buyer and promotes them to be bought. It can be said that the charm is more into your body than the dirty panties. Buying your lingerie men just get a tiny part of you and the right to enjoy it.
Focus your attention on all of the details around the dirty panties offers. Recreating, renovating and updating every side of the trading process, be the panties themselves, your pictures or attitude, should be of main importance for you. That way you’d never leave your fans unsatisfied and the profits you make are to be guaranteed.

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Dirty Panties Confessions

| Used Panty professionals: | December 28, 2015

Dirty Panties Selling can be a lot of fun and adventurous. It’s a tricky business but once you’re in, you wouldn’t give it up that easily leaving behind your panties buyers community and funny experiences. Let’s have a look on some curious experiences dirty panties enthusiasts have had.

1. I finally discovered men’s favorite thing – Dirty Panties Fetish
“It’s unbelievable how easy it is to sell your dirty panties. I’ve always doubted the success of such websites and activities but in a period of boldness and curiosity I inscribed myself preparing my used underwear. I found out that used panties could be sold for a lot of money indeed. Moreover I discovered that I’ve got kind of a little perverse side of my character and get fascinated with pleasing men. I want to know that they’re satisfied with how my panties smell and look and always maintain contact with them. It’s not only business. It’s an absolutely new kind of relations and way to earn money.”

-Amanda, 26

2. Do I really like how dirty panties smell, looks like I do…
“I’ve always been quite traditional about everything in my life and having reached a serious age (28 years old) I finally decided to spice thing up in my life, especially in the sexual sphere. My friends always push me to do crazy stuff with them and break the rules, so now that I’ve decided to change my lifestyle the first thing that came to their mind is to inscribe me in a dirty panties website. Indeed it sounded like being too strange and quirky for me, but however, I promised to try everything. Gradually I came to be more open to have fun and take on adventures. It definitely looked odd to me, to buy dirty panties and chat with girls online. However, the idea was perfect. Now I’ve learned how to flirt with girls and moreover enjoy my bodily desires smelling dirty panties. I feel better and manlier indeed, quite happy to buy used panties and have fun.”

-Mike, 28

3.Dirty Panties Love Triangle
“I decided to sell my dirty panties online accidentally clicking on a page in the search engine. It became my little secret hobby. However, earning so much money and dealing with sexual scenarios I forced myself to talk with my boyfriend also. I was very well surprised by him telling me that he’s okay with my dirty panties business. After all, it’s just a business and a flirty chatting with strangers, the real relationship I’ve got with him. I’m so happy that he’s been so open minded and I can continue selling my dirty underwear. Sincerity has made me to be more confident while selling, and now that I also have some money saved I’m quite impatient to pamper my boyfriend and tell him how much I love him for respecting my personal hobbies.”

-Jessica, 22
Those are some quite remarkable and full of adventures personal experiences of the dirty panties lovers. It’s beneficial and interesting to know how they’ve come on the path to sell and have fun with their used panties fetish. Now we can get to think about our own dirty passions and used underwear temptations, too, and probably have some really wild fun.

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Sexy Panties Masks

| Used Panty professionals: | December 17, 2015

Famous for the wildest porn that has ever been made, Japanese enjoy some of the craziest fetishes, underwear and sex accessories. Plain sexual practices like panties sniffing are transformed into far more extravagant routines. A pair of dirty panties can be not only used for appreciating the smell but for participating in bizarre fantasies.
Used panties business can take a whole new meaning regarding the variety of uses, panties can have in some cultures. A pair of smelly underwear wouldn’t impress a Japanese man only with its pleasant natural odor but also would make him think about all the possible perverted ways to be used. A prominent tendency in the popular Japanese industry is the use of the so-called panties masks. Such a practice can have a range of meanings and men derive pleasure from the sexy undergarment in multiple ways. In the particular case the accent is put on women’s expressions of excitement and torture. Covering exactly the mouth with the panties, they’re obliged to be speechless and fearing the actions which are about to take. Panties sellers can actually learn a lot from Japanese comics and dirty videos. Bringing diversity and more perverse details into the panties offers would motivate buyers to explore and invest money. A pair of panties could be both things at the same time – a sexy smelly undergarment and a mysterious mask too. The trend can be further introduced into the used underwear business with some visual materials. More sadistic spirited men would endorse the idea of the naughty panties masks right away. If not you’ve got your nice scent soaked into the panties which always promises for attention by the majority of men. Panties masks would sound quite innovative to the western countries and would spark their interest. Men never get tired to try the dirtiest things possible. Just make sure to create the naughtiest panties mask look for recreating the authentic feel Japanese movies cause. It can be worn with a surprised and distressed look or just a normal sexy winking. Panties masks are a tricky undergarment for use but made the right way all panties buyers would be intrigued into the kinky idea of trying them.
Mixing different styles while examining other cultural practices is the best way to spice your panties offers and satisfy your buyers naughty needs. Small businesses like this one need special attention too, in order to function properly. Japanese wildest fantasies can be found almost anywhere, just take a little time to look and play them yourself, panties buyers would be full of interest and impatient to be part of them.

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