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Using the glam look versus using the natural look in your used panties profile

| Used Underwear selling Guide | April 27, 2017


There are many ways to edit your profile and experiment with different looks. The two most extreme ones are the glam make up look and the natural no make up look. Naturally, every person has his own preferences regarding how the looks combine with a sexy lingerie. However, there are some specific cases in which is better to use a specific appearance in order to impress more.

We’re going to demonstrate you the most basic differences and tips when it comes to these two looks and their relation to sexy lingerie.

Paying attention to the light in the images
Whether you should put on some make up and glam hairstyle can depend on the light where you photo shoot. If the light is dimmed there’s no need to waste your time in putting on some make up and trying to achieve a perfect glam look. The dimmed light gives a romantic sensation to the photo and puts the emphasis on the lingerie that you wear. The shadows give your face and body a nice outline and a sexy appearance. All you need to worry about is the lingerie that you wear, how you pose in it and the emotions you convey in the entire photo.

Investigating the used panties buyer’s preferences
Important factor when you choose your look is the opinion of the used panties buyers. If you notice that a buyer is into the natural things, has a playful and easy going spirit, then you can use your natural look when promoting your lingerie and totally fascinate him. When a client looks more capricious and searches during long time for the perfect lingerie, then it’s good to dedicate more time to the process of negotiating and show him your most elegant and chic look. The different buyers have different preferences, and finding out what would suite them the best, you’re going to make better used panties negotiations.

Choosing a look depending on your lingerie
There are lingerie designs that look better combined with make up and others that are matched well without one. When a lingerie has a floral motifs and more feminine romantic colours, you can omit the make up. If an underwear is elegant and luminous, then it’s a good idea to match it with some type of a make up. Following this simple advice when you match your intimate garments with cosmetics use, you can impress the used panties clients and have a harmonious beautiful appearance.

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