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3 surprising objects that are as special as lingerie

| Uncategorized | July 21, 2016


There are many other things that can be equally inspiring and even more exciting than the lingerie itself. The so-called fetishes are very unpredictable and change with time for the different types of societies, epochs and individuals themselves. Here you can browse through some more untypical types of sexual objects and think about the possibility to introduce variety in your lingerie and sexual routine.

The umbrella can have many erotic meanings for both men and women. Like lingerie, umbrellas are created in many different designs and colours, giving the opportunity to women to use it as a wonderful accessory emphasising femininity. They are used in many dances as well, as a nice fun object, adding crisp and playful look to every performance. The designs, appearance and length of the different umbrellas can make a man obtain a more masculine and elegant look as well. Another way in which the sexual vibe of an umbrella can be felt is the act of holding it, normally done by the men. It demonstrates male caring and protective function toward women. The umbrella is a very nice everyday object that unlike lingerie gives more opportunities to experiment with sexuality often and in intricate ways.

The handkerchiefs can be made to be a nice stylish accessory as well, if made to be in various interesting colours and textures. They have more similarities with the lingerie fetish, due to the possibility to make them dirty and leave odours. Being rather a capricious addition to the everyday appearance, many people still use them especially when it comes to sexual moments. Handkerchiefs can be used in a more interesting way than lingerie, for the requirement of someone’s own determination to use it and make it dirty in some way. It can implicate protective feelings toward someone or just emphasise a coquettish appearance.

The smoking fetish has been popular for long time, giving people a very intense sexual look. The smoke itself and fascination with the oral activity, emphasise the sexy appearance and mark a naughty character. It’s a popular accessory supplementing the sexy lingerie, together with other similar objects like straws, the act of eating and biting on things. Such fetishes can be added very often in all type of situations in order to flirt or play with the sexual imagination of someone, wearing or not sexy clothes and lingerie.

The more objects you use and implement, the more possibilities you have to enjoy your entire appearance. Fetishes are beneficial for all people and introduce some special exciting vibe making people mire enthusiastic to have fun. Exploring and putting in action your favourite and some new fetishes, you can guarantee yourself a lot of fun moments and more confidence.

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