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Men’s perspective on sexy lingerie

| Uncategorized | July 14, 2016


Men are made to like very specific designs of lingerie, influenced by their history, personal experiences and taste. There are a few common aspects for all men when it comes to what looks good about lingerie. Sometimes they coincide with women’s opinion on underwear, but in general there are some significant differences.


Thongs vs Panties vs Granny panties
Recently the granny panties have become popular and women are fascinated with the option of wearing baggy and big panties. However, fashion tendencies have nothing to do with men’s predisposition to like more feminine styled lingerie. Both thongs and panties are a better option, with normal lacy panties being the perfect. Baggy lingerie is often associated with mother or grandmother’s underwear, while thongs could reveal too much skin. That’s why you can never go wrong with choosing panties.

Pantyhose and Stockings
Normally both types of slippery and shiny textures covering the legs look quite sexy. Nonetheless, it’s always better to choose stockings or going bare foot. Pantyhose looks nice only with clothes on and many times has a little bit of antiquated style. There are various designs of socks and stockings that are fabricated which would be better at impressing and adding a fresh look to clothes. They have more playful look and use more lacy textures, making them a very simple option to achieve a naughtier and stylish appearance.

Corsets and Bodysuits
Both options look quite sexy and bodysuits have become quite popular during the recent years. However, the sexier option continues to be the corsets, that have been famous in a variety of ways including movies, animation, vintage photography, representing a very erotic symbol. The corset is one of the most stereotyped and attractive lingerie element, that is catching the attention and exciting the passions exactly for being so much distributed in the culture. That makes it perfect for fantasising and broadening the ways men experience sexuality. Lingerie and corsets tend to be used exactly with such purposes at a point when they start feeling bored and pay more attention to objects and underwear.

It’s not quite simple to always match the male expectations when dressing up and choosing lingerie. In the moments when you feel like experimenting, you can try to rethink the way to use lingerie and choose the most erotic underwear elements. That’s how you can explore a little bit more different point of view and presenting of your body.

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