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Strange but sexy lingerie fetishes

| Uncategorized | May 19, 2016

The majority of fetishes normally sound and look strange. However, there can be very entertaining ones, especially the lingerie fetishes, with the variety of uses underwear can have in the sexual sphere. Therefore, it’s good to try new things from time to time and explore the diverse passions contained in the simple but powerful lingerie items.

Ripping off lingerie
The more BDSM oriented people are often fascinated with ripping off lingerie. Nonetheless, all types of individuals can enjoy the specific move but don’t dare to try it. Due to abstaining from ruining a set of underwear or just unsure how things work, many people evade getting involved in such actions. However, it can be very fun and not so complicated to try. A couple can always choose an older lingerie or a pair of underwear that could be used especially for such purposes. The bold act of ripping off clothes and lingerie can create passionate feelings relying on the typical scenarios from books and movies or just counting on the exciting action itself.

Getting dirty
Making the body and lingerie dirty is always quite sexy and exciting. In general, food is used for such purposes but the prospects of leaving stains can make a lot of people leave it out as an option. Nonetheless, choosing the right types of foods can be of big help and make it more fun to enjoy the lingerie. Cream, yogurt, fruits and ice normally don’t cause problems with the variety of lingerie, especially the darker colors. Including the act of getting messy with food and lingerie while enjoying eating, is very exciting for it mixes the naughty rebellious situation with satiating the appetite for eating something light and tasty.

Lingerie tying
The undergarments can be used successfully during the games of tying. The act of using lingerie instead of other things makes the moment more exciting and filled with impatience. Just going with the flow and choosing various objects and lingerie for diverse activities in an unusual way always brings agitation. Lingerie straps, garters, thongs and panties can serve for tying or just putting a little bit of a pressure on the body.

Having those spicy lingerie ideas in mind, people can use the lingerie in more unusual fetishistic ways. Learning to experiment with the underwear is always beneficial and entertaining. That way more enjoyment can be derived and desires not only expressed but personalized.

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