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Ways to use speed in the used panties sales

| Used Panty professionals: | September 29, 2016

The concept of speed is relatively broad and it can encompass various uses according the activity to which it is related. When it comes to used panties selling, speed should be used in order to excite the clients and control their desires for dirty lingerie. This can happen in chatting, sending photos and how often you tease a used panties buyer in order to provoke his appetite. All buyers are different as well, so the best approach is to take in mind the qualities of speed and apply them in relation to the specific client. That’s how you’re going to have some very efficient negotiations, unique with their style and outcomes.

The speed of sending messages
When a used panties client starts texting to you, you’ve got two options, to respond or wait a certain amount of time. If it’s a new buyer that you don’t know, it’s good to be fast with your responses and impress him with all the information you provide. Being informative and at the same time short with your chatting, you’re going to catch his attention easily and make him interested. When a known buyer texts to you in order to purchase used lingerie again, you can also wait a certain amount of time and make him desire your used panties more. When a relation has been established earlier, you can play with it and make him be jealous of you completing the requests of other clients.

Provoking a used panties client
You can start messaging the buyers as well and in these cases you should be careful not to be too irritating toward certain buyers. Initiating a chat too often with the same buyer, he’s going to start feeling bored and even annoyed. Therefore, taking things slow and starting a chat only sometimes, leaving them to take the initiative, you’re going to balance in the messages and make them come back. You can’t force the selling process, even when you’re into constant fast messaging. It takes time for the buyers to think things through and get back to your used lingerie offers.

Exchanging dirty materials
With the used panties you should be careful and make sure that they always arrive on time. However, with the sexy lingerie photos it’s better to take it slowly and send them one at a time. Sending too much photos the clients are going to get bored and stop searching for your attention that much. A well made photo send at the right moment, can make them really impressed, rather than sending fast a bunch of sexy materials. It’s good to give them time to enjoy it and then review your used lingerie offers as well.

Playing with speed in the ways you interact with the used panties buyers, you can make the negotiations to be more interesting and productive. The clients are going to be affected by the various ways you play with their desires and impressions. It’s a wonderful approach for making more used panties sales and loyal clients.

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