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I sell my wet panty

Hey guys, I wanna sell my wet panty for 20$!!!

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Do you want to buy my dirty socks?

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My dirty underwear 4u

I wanna sell my dirty underwear

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Emails, Spam and staying safe when selling used panties

| Used Panty professionals: | September 10, 2014

It doesn’t matter why a woman is selling her used underwear, the most important aspect of assisting people in the fetish world is to stay safe, which is simple to do when using the high quality marketplace at Pantydeal. Anonymity is always guaranteed and the simple chat service that makes it easy to stay in contact without the problem of handing out an Email address or worrying about spam being dumped into your Inbox.

Panty selling advice at Youtube

Resource: Youtube.com

Creamy panties can be big business, which is why Pantydeal has grown into one of the premium marketplaces for fetishists with a penchant for the smell and feel of creamy panties. Any woman who is already selling her knickers Online knows how easy it is to make a large chunk of change for doing nothing more than selling the underwear she has been wearing already. One of the main concerns many women have is how safe they will be when they are contacted by fetishists looking to buy their used panties and lingerie they are choosing to sell. A woman selling her underwear can choose to be anonymous and chat as much or as little with the Website members as she likes, many women selling their panties, bra’s and other lingerie are often shocked at how quickly they build business relationships with a group of fetishists buying their underwear.

Sexy creamy panties at Pantydeal

Sexy creamy panties at Pantydeal

How to sell your used underwear the easiest way!

Pantydeal makes it easy to sell your used underwear by acting as a middleman between buyer and seller, when a buyer is interested in a pair of creamy panties from a seller’s personal store an automated Email is issued to keep every transaction private. All transactions are completed by the buyer and seller with any money required to change hands paid directly to the seller in a safe and secure way.

The anonymous and secure messaging services offered by the marketplace makes building relationships easy and allows a private network of buyers to work directly with each seller. Once trust is built between the buyer and seller the fetishist may even starting requesting specific items of lingerie at a higher purchase price.

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Where should I sell my used underwear ?

| Used Underwear selling Guide | March 16, 2014

Panties are an important aspect of our dress codes. Most people renew their panties once in every two months while some yearly. What most people do not know is that they can exchange their used underwear for money which is totally legal.

Selling panties the right way

When one thinks of selling their used panties, the most important things one should consider is how much they can earn from the sale and the starting procedure. Any woman can sell their used panties regardless of their body size, shape, background, or race. It has no shame and can be a source of income for any woman willing to make easy money. There is a variety of well established websites involved in this entrepreneurship.

Where to sell?

Selling of used panties online using the websites has a lot of advantages to the entrepreneur. These advantages are as follows; one earns some money with little or no effort. This is because panties are things we wear on a day to day basis thus do not require a lot of effort in acquiring. Panties are also readily available and easy to purchase. It is also safe and offers privacy to the person uploading photos for the photos do not require facial presentation but instead from below the neck images. It also protects the privacy policies of the person selling the undies because one receives the money through PayPal or P.O Box and therefore no personal information needs to be submitted. The seller also gets a lot of customers because the website has frequent visitors and buyers. The website is also easy to use and readily available making it simple for a beginner to start buying or selling the garments.


The use of such websites is better than creating your own because they are already established and one has a better chance of selling the garments instantly and at a faster rate. There are also web hosting fees and no monthly charges. Although the practice may be considered weird and abnormal to many, it is a great way of earning extra income with little effort. Don’t you agree?

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Benefits of a Verified Underwear Seller

| Used Underwear selling Guide | February 17, 2014

To sell worn underwear online is a simple way to earn good income. Currently, there are many women and men who get stimulated by the idea of selling and buying of dirty panties that have been worn by attractive women. The internet offers an anonymous and safe ways for you to satisfy your needs and earn tangible money in the process by selling used panties online. However, this business like any other business, run on more trust.

Prove that you are a legitimate used panty seller

Having verified account increases your chances of selling your underwear online. Most buyers require juicy undies sellers to verify their profile, and this criterion creates a more trusting platform when buyers search for items you provide through the directory. This is the simplest way to sell more by convincing buyers that you are real and trustworthy person who is selling real used panties. Get verified with genuine portal like pantydeal for credible and permanent proof that you are trustworthy and genuine member who is interested in delivering juicy undies to your clients. Once verification process is done, you will get a badge on your profile that is 100% real proof that you sell worn underwear and you can be trusted by buyers across the world.

Make more sales in less time by verifiying your account

Verification will help you sell more used panties as it will clearly show that you are not fake member and you are selling fetish that you have used on daily basis. Getting verified is 100% real proof for used panty buyers that the deal is safe and satisfactory. It is a guarantee that you were wearing the panties and that the product is actually delivered directly from you. Therefore, you will see a steady increase in your sales by virtue of being recognized as a real member of the site and reduces the chances of getting a fakecheck.

Repeat Buyers – get men to buy more used undies

Real women get more money when they establish themselves online and attract repeat customers. Repeat buyers means you will have no difficulty in making serious income and get good reviews. Getting verified will enable you to maintain an open line of communication with your followers and customers. For this reason, you have grate products that meet the needs of your clients and have no trouble in making a lot of money.

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How to Increase used underwear sales

| Used Underwear selling Guide | February 17, 2014

Selling undies is an idea that has been around for as long as people can remember. It is the easiest method to earn money online, if you have some extra dirty underwear seating around in your closet.


What you need to sell your used underwear today

Nothing special is required to start earning this income other than fulfilling the horny needs of your clients, and you’ll be set to attract more success than you expect. If you want to learn more about customer retention, then you may want to read on concerning what the following article has to say.

Build your panty selling business

Make no mistakes, building your panty business is not going to be easy. Normally, it takes time before you can start increasing your sales. However, do not despair or lose your focus. This is what you will need to rise your panty business to the next level. Also, while trying to establish yourself in the used panty industry, remember to treat your recurring clients in a professional manner. As strange as it may sound, it is the regular business you get from these individuals that will play a part in making you a success.

Learn from user reviews

For instance, if you cannot hire a web designer to built your website, you can start small by opening an account with pantydeal.com. This is a well-known site that provides a place where buyers and sellers can meet in their simple platform. It also delivers a comment section where buyers are allowed to leave their personal reviews concerning a particular seller. Use this tool to learn how to please your clients, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can boost your sales.

Be a verified seller

Verified members are more likely to receive regular orders than members who are not. In order to gain the full trust of fetish customers, this is something you’ll always need to have as a seller.

Give a rare personal scent

Once you have discovered which scent zones are irresistible, try as much as you can to maintain them. For example, if you’re selling panties soaked in wet cum, make sure you have packed them ready for sniffing.

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How much can I earn selling used underwear online?

| Used Underwear selling Guide | February 17, 2014

Selling used underwear online

Earning money through selling used underwear online may not be as easy as one could imagine. Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges in this business. Many of the used panty sellers wonder why the customers are many at the beginning, but then move on as fast as they came.

How to generate more used underwear sales

To generate more sales, sellers need to meet the specific needs of their clients. Panty sniffers are driven by an urgent fantasy, a sexual need which is only brought to life by specific scents. Unlike what many sellers imagine, sniffing involves the pursuit of specific scents not just any.

In order to have more income, sellers need to deal with verified sites, which are trusted and renowned. Clients are more comfortable visiting this sites, spending their money here rather on other sites. Take the time to read the user reviews in order to determine the kind of experience that you will be expecting. The Pantydeal site is the most ideal where the deals have already been concluded, and you do not need to negotiate with clients. In fact such sites thrive on bidding where the most sought after scents, from underwear and used thongs earn even more.

Remember: Panty Sniffers are your Clients

It is important to remember that panty sniffers are your clients, and like any other business customer loyalty is equal to great returns. The business is not just about used panties; it is about the erotic desire of women. The scent that draws your clients should be maintained. Take good care to understand their desires and engage them in order to generate more cash.

The best websites to sell your used underwear online

Pantydeal offers an ideal avenue through which you can understand how to increase the income you generate from selling your used panties. Advice and tips are guaranteed in addition to the best deals online from sniffers. The site features thousands of customers on a daily basis, with excellent user reviews. Sellers who work hard at maintaining their natural scent earn more, and are much sought after by clients. With proper management from the site, you are likely to earn a steady income, enjoy maximum customer retention and more sales of your used thongs.

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How to start selling used underwear

| Used Underwear selling Guide | January 31, 2014

Starting up your dirty underwear selling business is like any other business. It is important for you establish your market before you decide on the items to offer for sales. Create a website or join an already established online platform to enhance your ways to becoming a successful in the panty business world.

There are many dirty underwear buyers in the market who are ready to spend huge amount of money on used underwear. Actually, there are lots women online who are selling used panties to earn an extra income, and you too can do it:

I Sell My Used Underwear Online

It is absolutely legitimate and fair way to make money. If you start on your own and communicates directly with fetish buyers, it may start getting weird. Pantydeal.com is a convenient and comfortable platform that can help you earn a lot of money every month from the sale of your used panties or have verified accounts get more sales. The price for selling your used panties can go up depending on how hot you look in the pictures wearing the panties as well as the way fetishists like the panties and reviews you.

How you can increase used undies sales:

To make easy money with your business, you must get the word out concerning your used panties. You must post photos when masturbating in dirty undies you want to sell. You may also consider making amateur videos wearing your wet panties. Let your clients have the thrill of your juicy undies. The main objective is to show your used panties and your sweet sexy body off to hundreds of buyers at Pantydeal. Recurring underwear buyer often enjoys viewing live webcams so it is good ideas to allow them see your hot pussy pop. Most used underwear buyers request panties with your specific sexual juicy undies on them, no fakes.

Men love to buy used underwear:

As general rule, the buyer will prefer to remain anonymous. Strictly adhere to your clients’ wishes. It is also advisable to chat with your buyers and ensure you meet their demands. Such networks are the best sight for selling and buying of dirty panties on the internet. Start now if you want to earn extra income with used panties by selling your panties online.

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