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How to Increase used underwear sales

| Used Underwear selling Guide | February 17, 2014

Selling undies is an idea that has been around for as long as people can remember. It is the easiest method to earn money online, if you have some extra dirty underwear seating around in your closet.


What you need to sell your used underwear today

Nothing special is required to start earning this income other than fulfilling the horny needs of your clients, and you’ll be set to attract more success than you expect. If you want to learn more about customer retention, then you may want to read on concerning what the following article has to say.

Build your panty selling business

Make no mistakes, building your panty business is not going to be easy. Normally, it takes time before you can start increasing your sales. However, do not despair or lose your focus. This is what you will need to rise your panty business to the next level. Also, while trying to establish yourself in the used panty industry, remember to treat your recurring clients in a professional manner. As strange as it may sound, it is the regular business you get from these individuals that will play a part in making you a success.

Learn from user reviews

For instance, if you cannot hire a web designer to built your website, you can start small by opening an account with pantydeal.com. This is a well-known site that provides a place where buyers and sellers can meet in their simple platform. It also delivers a comment section where buyers are allowed to leave their personal reviews concerning a particular seller. Use this tool to learn how to please your clients, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can boost your sales.

Be a verified seller

Verified members are more likely to receive regular orders than members who are not. In order to gain the full trust of fetish customers, this is something you’ll always need to have as a seller.

Give a rare personal scent

Once you have discovered which scent zones are irresistible, try as much as you can to maintain them. For example, if you’re selling panties soaked in wet cum, make sure you have packed them ready for sniffing.

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