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Emails, Spam and staying safe when selling used panties

| Used Panty professionals: | September 10, 2014

It doesn’t matter why a woman is selling her used underwear, the most important aspect of assisting people in the fetish world is to stay safe, which is simple to do when using the high quality marketplace at Pantydeal. Anonymity is always guaranteed and the simple chat service that makes it easy to stay in contact without the problem of handing out an Email address or worrying about spam being dumped into your Inbox.

Panty selling advice at Youtube

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Creamy panties can be big business, which is why Pantydeal has grown into one of the premium marketplaces for fetishists with a penchant for the smell and feel of creamy panties. Any woman who is already selling her knickers Online knows how easy it is to make a large chunk of change for doing nothing more than selling the underwear she has been wearing already. One of the main concerns many women have is how safe they will be when they are contacted by fetishists looking to buy their used panties and lingerie they are choosing to sell. A woman selling her underwear can choose to be anonymous and chat as much or as little with the Website members as she likes, many women selling their panties, bra’s and other lingerie are often shocked at how quickly they build business relationships with a group of fetishists buying their underwear.

Sexy creamy panties at Pantydeal

Sexy creamy panties at Pantydeal

How to sell your used underwear the easiest way!

Pantydeal makes it easy to sell your used underwear by acting as a middleman between buyer and seller, when a buyer is interested in a pair of creamy panties from a seller’s personal store an automated Email is issued to keep every transaction private. All transactions are completed by the buyer and seller with any money required to change hands paid directly to the seller in a safe and secure way.

The anonymous and secure messaging services offered by the marketplace makes building relationships easy and allows a private network of buyers to work directly with each seller. Once trust is built between the buyer and seller the fetishist may even starting requesting specific items of lingerie at a higher purchase price.

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