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Where should I sell my used underwear ?

| Used Underwear selling Guide | March 16, 2014

Panties are an important aspect of our dress codes. Most people renew their panties once in every two months while some yearly. What most people do not know is that they can exchange their used underwear for money which is totally legal.

Selling panties the right way

When one thinks of selling their used panties, the most important things one should consider is how much they can earn from the sale and the starting procedure. Any woman can sell their used panties regardless of their body size, shape, background, or race. It has no shame and can be a source of income for any woman willing to make easy money. There is a variety of well established websites involved in this entrepreneurship.

Where to sell?

Selling of used panties online using the websites has a lot of advantages to the entrepreneur. These advantages are as follows; one earns some money with little or no effort. This is because panties are things we wear on a day to day basis thus do not require a lot of effort in acquiring. Panties are also readily available and easy to purchase. It is also safe and offers privacy to the person uploading photos for the photos do not require facial presentation but instead from below the neck images. It also protects the privacy policies of the person selling the undies because one receives the money through PayPal or P.O Box and therefore no personal information needs to be submitted. The seller also gets a lot of customers because the website has frequent visitors and buyers. The website is also easy to use and readily available making it simple for a beginner to start buying or selling the garments.


The use of such websites is better than creating your own because they are already established and one has a better chance of selling the garments instantly and at a faster rate. There are also web hosting fees and no monthly charges. Although the practice may be considered weird and abnormal to many, it is a great way of earning extra income with little effort. Don’t you agree?

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